Everything hurts

I’ve been without meds for nearly a week now due to a royal fuck up with my prescriptions and I thought I was doing okay because they’re definitely not the meds I need to be on, but I think the withdrawal is starting to take its effect now. Literally been blinking tears for hours, I can’t focus on watching anything or listening to anything, I can just lay here and cry and obsess over horrible things that make no sense in my head. I just want to be sleep or be held and to not feel such complete uncontrollable agony when I’m left to my own thoughts. My heart physically hurts. Everything hurts. I can’t breathe or sleep or do anything except fucking hurt. All I can do is wait for it to pass and nothing will help. I don’t want to talk to friends and family. I don’t want to feel anything. Trying to ground myself to help with not dissociating but it HURTS.

I can just feel fucking terror and pain and panic and I’m drowning in it.

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