A few thoughts on self-validation

What makes you feel validated? Is it external sources? I know I’m still learning to give myself validation and not frantically search for it elsewhere, but also know it’s a difficult process to unlearn. Taking little steps just by knowing and letting myself accept that the things I feel are real and okay, regardless of others opinions or reactions or understanding of those feelings. Sometimes self-validation has to be enough because the harder you search for it elsewhere the further away it can feel – and it isn’t others job to validate your experiences. Plus nobody is ever going to understand exactly what life looks like through your eyes – so how can anyone ever validate it as well as you can? Something to think about…

1 thought on “A few thoughts on self-validation”

  1. Great post! You definitely have to learn how to validate yourself and as you stated, it’s a process. For some, it comes naturally, but others have to work at it. This sounds very familiar to an article I wrote a couple of weeks ago. If you get a moment, please check it out and let me know what you think. It’s titled “Learn how to validate and affirm yourself!”

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