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Mental Health Journal Prompts PDF You Can Use Daily

Mental Health Journal Prompts PDF You Can Use Daily

There are many different ways to journal for mental health, but mental health journal prompts can be one of the best ways to get started. Why use journal prompts for mental health? How do you get started? I’ve put together a little guide to help you out – plus a free mental health journal prompts PDF for you that might be helpful. Enjoy!

Why Use Mental Health Journal Prompts Every Day?

When we journal every day, it gives us the opportunity to develop a better awareness of our minds and bodies. This can be extremely valuable when it comes to our mental health, as we can start to see patterns in our thoughts and behaviours.

When we become more aware of ourselves, we can work on addressing any issues that may be causing us distress. Journaling every day can also help us to nurture our relationships with ourselves, which is an essential part of maintaining our mental health and wellbeing.

The daily habit of journaling can also help to keep us accountable, as we can track our progress over time. Seeing our own positive changes can be inspiring and motivating, and can help us to stay on track with our goals. This can also be really useful if we are struggling with mental illness, as it can help us track our progress and recovery.

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How To Use Daily Mental Health Journal Prompts

There are many different ways to use daily journal prompts. You may want to keep your journaling simple, and just write down a sentence or two about how you’re feeling each day. Alternatively, you could use prompts to delve a little bit deeper into your thoughts and feelings.

When you want to journal is up to you. Some people find it helpful to journal in the morning, while others prefer to do it at night. Or you might want to do both! It’s up to you to find what time of day works best for you.

At the bottom of this post, I’ve added a FREE Printable Mental Health Journal Prompts PDF with both morning and evening ideas that you can either save and use for inspiration or print and use as many days as you can!

Daily Mental Health Journal Prompts

Morning Journal Prompts For Mental Health

Journaling first thing in the morning only takes around 2-10 minutes, depending on how in-depth you want to go. It is an amazing way to start your day, and can help you assess how you’re feeling and what your priorities are before you get too wrapped up in your day.

Some possible morning journal prompts for mental health include:

  • Today, I am grateful for…
  • I am feeling…
  • What is on my mind?
  • What can I do today to help?

Evening Journal Prompts For Mental Health

Journaling before bed can be a great way to reflect on your day and process any thoughts or feelings you may have had. It can also help you to relax and prepare for bed, giving you space to process and let go of anything that might keep your mind racing.

It’s also really valuable to take some time to remember the great things about your day that you have to be grateful for, which can aid relaxation and lessen nighttime anxiety.

Some possible evening journal prompts for mental health include:

  • The best part of my day was…
  • I am feeling…
  • What do I need more of tomorrow?
  • Tonight, I am grateful for…

Using These Journal Prompts

With these journal prompts, you can get into the habit of daily reflection, and see how your thoughts and feelings change over time. I know that personally, I find these prompts super useful for highlighting all the really important things I need to focus my attention on. I hope you find them as useful as I do!

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Here’s your FREE printable mental health journal prompts PDF:

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