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Down the Rabbit Hole

When starting my blog, I wanted a platform to talk about my thoughts and experiences with depression along with other aspects of mental health. But the more I have written, the more I feel like people assume, or expect, that because I write these things, I have my shit together. I can say for a… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole

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Bad Patches: Why This Took Me So Long to Write

My depression comes in patches. Some extreme highs, some extreme lows and some patches of normality. Some last longer than others. Eventually, after a really bad patch, I feel the fog starting to fade. I am able to make my way out of it for a while. When things in my head start to feel… Continue reading Bad Patches: Why This Took Me So Long to Write


The “Student Lifestyle” and Mental Health  

It’s hard to deny that a big part of university life has become a drinking/drug culture, and even if you’re struggling with your mental health and know that this lifestyle doesn’t help, it is ridiculously easy to get caught up in. Some people might make it look easy to go out most nights a week,… Continue reading The “Student Lifestyle” and Mental Health