Rollercoaster of a week

So, I got made redundant. I was expecting it to send me headfirst off the deep end, but I only really took a couple of days to drink and process and cry before putting a stop to that. The thing is, I understand that 2020 just is what it is - there's nothing personal about… Continue reading Rollercoaster of a week

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Recovery Really Isn’t Linear

A few months ago, I remember thinking about how far I had come since my lowest point of my mental health: a pretty severe breakdown I had just over 3 years ago. Since then, I had repeated the year my breakdown had interrupted at University and managed to graduate with a 2:1, began a Master’s… Continue reading Recovery Really Isn’t Linear

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Struggling on World Mental Health Day

(Trigger warning: themes of suicide) So, it’s #WorldMentalHealthDay today, and I’m really struggling. I find this day tends to creep up on me every year, and even though it should be a good day for me to be active on my blog and social media, I always find it the hardest. This year, I have… Continue reading Struggling on World Mental Health Day

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Losing yourself (and other worries)

One thing I don’t talk about very often, especially because of this blog, is the anxiety that I feel in relation to how my mental illness presents itself to people. As we know, and if you’re reading this I would guess you do, I am happy to be open about my depression and anxiety, alongside… Continue reading Losing yourself (and other worries)