Rollercoaster of a week

So, I got made redundant. I was expecting it to send me headfirst off the deep end, but I only really took a couple of days to drink and process and cry before putting a stop to that. The thing is, I understand that 2020 just is what it is - there's nothing personal about… Continue reading Rollercoaster of a week


It’s the small wins

"It's not even particularly that I think people hate me. I just cannot be alone. It drives me insane. Had such a nice evening but walk into the house alone and just break down and I don't understand. I need my meds back. This is absolute torture. Agony." I started writing that a couple of… Continue reading It’s the small wins

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Down the Rabbit Hole

When starting my blog, I wanted a platform to talk about my thoughts and experiences with depression along with other aspects of mental health. But the more I have written, the more I feel like people assume, or expect, that because I write these things, I have my shit together. I can say for a… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole