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Fighting Stigma: “Attention Seeking”

So I wrote here about fighting the stigma that people with mental illness are violent and dangerous, but this time I wanted to talk about another stigma we are faced with on a daily basis when it comes to speaking up about our struggles. This is the idea that people use mental health issues to… Continue reading Fighting Stigma: “Attention Seeking”


The “Student Lifestyle” and Mental Health  

It’s hard to deny that a big part of university life has become a drinking/drug culture, and even if you’re struggling with your mental health and know that this lifestyle doesn’t help, it is ridiculously easy to get caught up in. Some people might make it look easy to go out most nights a week,… Continue reading The “Student Lifestyle” and Mental Health  


Struggles with Identity and Insecurity

I’ve always wanted to think I have a strong sense of self. The truth is, as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with my identity. Before I even knew what mental illness was, way before I had seen any sort of diagnosis, I vividly remember struggling with ‘who’ I was, and it wasn’t until… Continue reading Struggles with Identity and Insecurity