It’s the small wins

"It's not even particularly that I think people hate me. I just cannot be alone. It drives me insane. Had such a nice evening but walk into the house alone and just break down and I don't understand. I need my meds back. This is absolute torture. Agony." I started writing that a couple of… Continue reading It’s the small wins

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Confronting Self-esteem

I have dodged the topic of self-esteem in my blog recently as it is a bit of a strange one for me. On one hand, I think of myself as a confident, loud and out-going girl. I’m not really ever shy or quiet, things that we might normally associate with low self-esteem, and I open… Continue reading Confronting Self-esteem

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Down the Rabbit Hole

When starting my blog, I wanted a platform to talk about my thoughts and experiences with depression along with other aspects of mental health. But the more I have written, the more I feel like people assume, or expect, that because I write these things, I have my shit together. I can say for a… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole

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Yes, I have a mental illness: and I have good mental health

This idea might confuse some people. It’s only recently that I’ve noticed the conversation bouncing around about the difference between mental illness and mental health, and the more attention I have payed to it, and considered my own experiences with mental illness and mental health, the more I have realised it’s a vital conversation to… Continue reading Yes, I have a mental illness: and I have good mental health