A few thoughts on self-validation

What makes you feel validated? Is it external sources? I know I'm still learning to give myself validation and not frantically search for it elsewhere, but also know it's a difficult process to unlearn. Taking little steps just by knowing and letting myself accept that the things I feel are real and okay, regardless of… Continue reading A few thoughts on self-validation


Rollercoaster of a week

So, I got made redundant. I was expecting it to send me headfirst off the deep end, but I only really took a couple of days to drink and process and cry before putting a stop to that. The thing is, I understand that 2020 just is what it is - there's nothing personal about… Continue reading Rollercoaster of a week


It’s the small wins

"It's not even particularly that I think people hate me. I just cannot be alone. It drives me insane. Had such a nice evening but walk into the house alone and just break down and I don't understand. I need my meds back. This is absolute torture. Agony." I started writing that a couple of… Continue reading It’s the small wins

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Confronting Self-esteem

I have dodged the topic of self-esteem in my blog recently as it is a bit of a strange one for me. On one hand, I think of myself as a confident, loud and out-going girl. I’m not really ever shy or quiet, things that we might normally associate with low self-esteem, and I open… Continue reading Confronting Self-esteem