How Trauma-Informed Yoga Regulates the Nervous System

Trauma can be a debilitating experience that affects us physically, emotionally and mentally. However, it is possible regulate some of the emotional charge associated with traumatic memories through trauma-informed yoga. For me, yoga has helped me process and accept my diagnosis of BPD, as well as regulate my distressing symptoms and trauma responses. Learn how in this journal.


Medicinal Cannabis: CBD, THC and Mental Health

Medicinal Cannabis: CBD, THC and Mental Health Though I am a huge advocate for the benefits of both CBD and THC based on personal experiences, last year I decided to study a Cannabis and Mental Health Course so I could deepen my understanding of cannabis products and make sure that I had an awareness of… Continue reading Medicinal Cannabis: CBD, THC and Mental Health

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Living with Borderline Personality Disorder: Journal Prompts

With the lifestyle changes I’ve had to make to take better care of my mental health, the life I was living a couple of years ago seems worlds away from where I’m at now. From living with a diagnosis, to living with breakdowns, medication and living an alcohol-free lifestyle, you can read all about my personal experiences of living with BPD in this insightful journal.