How Trauma-Informed Yoga Regulates the Nervous System

Trauma can be a debilitating experience that affects us physically, emotionally and mentally. However, it is possible regulate some of the emotional charge associated with traumatic memories through trauma-informed yoga. For me, yoga has helped me process and accept my diagnosis of BPD, as well as regulate my distressing symptoms and trauma responses. Learn how in this journal.


Childhood Trauma, Spirituality and the Human Condition

As a deeply spiritual individual who is living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), I have come across a few hurdles – or cognitive dissonances – with my spirituality in the last few years. I wanted to explore a few of these ideas a bit more deeply. Keep reading for more of my philosophical rambling.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

When starting my blog, I wanted a platform to talk about my thoughts and experiences with depression along with other aspects of mental health. But the more I have written, the more I feel like people assume, or expect, that because I write these things, I have my shit together. I can say for a… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole